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The Cherokee Advantage is a must read for all women who have suffered any type of violence in their life and a must read for those who haven't suffered violence. It is a heart warming story of a courageous woman and mother who has walked the miles of loneliness and searching for love. It is a true story of a woman who learned to show her mother love in the end. She not only suffered the violence and sex abuse, she also later in life lost a grown daughter to suicide. She has walked all the walks no woman should ever have to walk. I started the book one night and could not put it down 'til I finished it. What a memoir for all to read!

Kudos to C.C. Crittenden to be brave enough to tell her story!

     Selma Johnson, Weatherford, Texas    July, 2010 (on  

Enjoy these lovely sentiments from C. C. Crittenden regarding Shaklee and her Cherokee heritage:

"I truly feel like I've returned to my Indian heritage using green products. The Indians believed Earth to be a gift from God and considered Earth to be their mother. They worked diligently at not leaving a big footprint and I'm trying to follow in their footprints by using Shaklee products."

     Daleen Maxwell, Shaklee distributor, Dallas, Texas    July, 2010 (in Shaklee Healthy Times newsletter)

Today, memoirs are often heading the best seller lists. Readers desire to know about people, and the memoir, The Cherokee Advantage, surely tells us of the sad, woeful, and cheerless life of Carla, a fearless woman who is a descendant of the Cherokees, those native Americans who endured the "Trail of Tears". Carla assures the reader that her boldness and tenacity came from her Cherokee background—thus the title, The Cherokee Advantage.

The 250 page book holds 79 chapters—short chapters. The horror and hostility of her life can only be accepted by the reader in small doses. Carla suffered! But, she withstood all the misery, and today, she is a happy, fulfilled individual. She found love and serenity at last. The reader somehow knew she would not only survive, but actually flourish.

     Dr. Rose-Mary Rumbley, author and lecturer, Dallas Texas     June 24, 2010

One of the most gripping books I've read in a long while. I simply couldn't put it down! I am truly amazed that this woman survived not one but many many abuses in her life. Even more amazing, this woman is now a personal friend and is absolutely one of the classiest, graceful women that I've ever known in my life. A true survivor!

     berylsgirl       March 28, 2010   (on

A revealing walk through a strong woman's journey in life. C. C. Crittenden was kidnapped by a mother with no parenting skills. As a child & in her adult years she strives to win love and affection from her mother. Your heart goes out to this lovely child/woman as she faces life in its worst moments. Holding to her Indian heritage helps her to deal with the turmoil she lives with daily. She invites you to visit the good, the bad and the sad memories she has come to terms with over the years. Carla's memoir will shock & pull at your heart strings. She is a remarkable woman.

     vicdarjud      March 25, 2010   (on

This book gives hope to anyone in any type of life tragedy. No matter how hard we think our lives are, there are others who have walked the path before us to lead us and guide us. C.C. Crittenden has revealed herself as a woman of great courage, strength, passion, and leadership. Without love and affection as a child and without a supportive family to help her, her spirit guided her to be a trail blazer in fields not normally traveled by a women of her time.

     Donna Austin       March 13, 2010   (on









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